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The UK Metric Association (UKMA) is an independent, non-party political, single issue organisation which advocates the full adoption of the international metric system (“Système International” – SI) for all official, trade, legal, contractual and other purposes in the United Kingdom as soon as practicable. We also campaign for better consumer protection through accurate and consistent use of metric units of measurement in order to achieve price transparency.

On our web site you will find the following information:

It’s time to move on

Measurement affects us all when we work, buy food, fill up the car with petrol, weigh ourselves, go for a medical check-up, buy a property, go out for a drink, go for a walk or tend the garden. Modern Britain needs the best set of measures available.

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Survey exposes the failure of measurement policy in the UK

See our new report “Still a Mess” analysing the results of a new survey commissioned by UKMA.

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