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Sarah Olney

Consistency is key when it comes to measurements, and by retaining our use of the metric system, we maintain compatibility with the overwhelming majority of nations across the globe. The call for a reversion to the Imperial system would be a step back from the idea of a ‘Global Britain’.

Therefore, ensuring our children are educated in a system that allows them to maximize their opportunities across the world is key. By retaining the metric system, I know we can ensure this is the case. It is time we move away from the rhetoric and the nostalgia, and look at what is best for the educational needs of the next generation.

Sarah Olney is the Liberal Democrat MP for Richmond Park & North Kingston and a committed advocate for liberal values of inclusivity, opportunity and equality.

Sarah is the Liberal Democrat spokesperson in Parliament for the Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, International Trade, and Transport. Sarah was first elected MP for Richmond Park in a by-election in December 2016, serving for six months until May 2017. She was re-elected in December 2019 to represent Richmond Park and North Kingston again.

Sarah is a qualified accountant and worked for Barclays, National Physical Laboratory and Historic Royal Palaces before entering Parliament.

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About Sarah: www.saraholney.com
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