Frequently asked questions

Does UKMA support any political party?

The UK Metric Association is a single issue organisation not affiliated to any political party. It enjoys the support of Parliamentarians from several political parties.

Does UKMA support Britain’s EU membership?

As a single issue organisation, UKMA takes no position on Britain’s membership of the EU or other international organisations. The worldwide adoption of the metric system means that it is clearly to Britain’s advantage to use it too. It just so happens that all of the other countries of the EU now use the metric system for most purposes, including measurements displayed on road traffic signs.

Does UKMA want to force Britain to go metric?

In areas such as trade and transport, it is essential to have rules that are widely understood. This is as true now as it was 800 years ago at the time of Magna Carta. Today, people in Britain use a confused mixture of units that is not only wasteful but often not in their interest. UKMA would like to see the necessary steps taken to ensure we can all enjoy the benefits of a single simple and universal system of measurement. Clearly, the units used in private, for example in the home, are up to the individual, and our language and literature need not be affected.

Does UKMA want Britain to change to driving on the right?

UKMA takes no position on this question. However, it is interesting to note that many metric countries, including Australia, India and Japan, drive on the left, and that three of the few non-metric countries in the world, namely the USA, Liberia and Myanmar, drive on the right.

Where can I follow UKMA?

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Does UKMA publish a newsletter?

UKMA prepares a quarterly newsletter, UKMA News, primarily aimed at its members and supporters. If you would like the current copy, please e-mail