An oral poet

Why going fully metric symbolises a progressive idea of ourselves

Benjamin Zephaniah

When I was at school I was told that we in this green and pleasant land were stepping out of the imperial past and stepping into the future. In this future we would be equals with our neighbours and we would speak the same mathematical language. Now look at me, confused. That’s why I’m in tune with the work of the UK Metric Association. Plodding along with two systems is holding us all back; I know a bit of both but have mastered none.

The past has been good and bad, but I am obsessed with the future, and I believe that our political and educational institutions should lead the way. Going fully metric makes sense to me too, not only is it easier but it also symbolises that we the British people have a forward looking and progressive idea of ourselves. Looking backwards just for the sake of it will only hold us back.

Dr Benjamin Zephaniah is an oral poet, musician, author, playwright and broadcaster. Benjamin is active in numerous charitable activities promoting justice, culture, animal protection and education.