What you can do

What YOU can do to sort out Britain’s measurement mess

Lord Kitchener poster

You can play your role to help complete the adoption of the metric system in Britain in a number of ways:

Write to your MP We offer advice and suggestions on how to raise the subject with your MP, including sample letters.
Write to the newspapers Newspapers can help to bring about change but they need to hear from you. We supply contact details for major national and some well known regional newspapers.
Contact the media The media are very influential but need a significant amount of feedback before they will act. We supply information and contact details on how to make your views known to the broadcasters
Stand up for your consumer rights Use our guidance notes to make your views known to retailers and consumer groups. Let them know that you don’t accept the current situation and that your rights are being eroded by the measurement mess.
Use metric Try to set an example by using metric yourself.

If you have followed up on any of the above suggestions would you consider joining UKMA or donating money?

If you do decide to take any of the suggested actions, many thanks for your support!