Made in Britain: Not made to measure

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Ronnie Cohen

November 2011


The intention of the booklet title, Made in Britain: Not made to measure, is to emphasise that the situation of the UK in the middle of two competing, incompatible measurement systems (i.e. the imperial and metric systems) that our political leaders have created is uniquely British and is not fit for purpose in the modern age.

The phrase “Made in Britain” conveys the fact that although the UK is not the only country that faces a measurement muddle, its situation differs from other countries. Although the US has also had problems with metrication, its situation is different. For instance, the US is behind the UK in package labelling but ahead in its use of metric units on its roads.

The phrase “made to measure” is normally used in the sense that something is tailor-made to meet the unique, specific requirements of a particular person or organisation. The way the UK uses measurements is illogical and not fit for purpose. It fits poorly with other countries, including the rest of Europe. The use of two systems has led to numerous anomalies and problems. These will be described in more detail later in this booklet. For more details, read on.

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