Sample letters

5 minutes

Writing a letter to your MP can be as simple as editing and printing a sample letter and can be done in as little as 5 minutes. However, if you have more time to spare, we would encourage you to express your views in your own words even if you use the sample letters as a starting point.

See the notes below on downloading files

Stage 1:

Be sure that you know the name of your MP. If you are not sure of the name of your MP look refer to the directory of MPs on the parliament web site

Stage 2:

UKMA offers some sample letters. The example below is about the general measurement mess. See the list of attachments to download a file for this and other topics.

House of Commons
Britain’s measurement mess

I am writing to you to express my concerns about Britain’s measurement unit mess. The fact that Britain seems to have stopped its conversion from imperial to metric at the halfway point is totally different from what any other country has done and is wasteful.

I am concerned about this mess for a number of reasons including:

  • I often cannot compare the prices of goods in shops because some price in metric while others in imperial. This undermines my rights as a consumer.
  • I find it confusing that my car handbook uses metric dimensions while road signs are usually in imperial.
  • I can’t easily work out fuel consumption in either litres/100 km or miles per gallon when fuel is sold in litres and road distances are indicated in miles.
  • Children’s education is being undermined because it cannot be applied outside the school gate in many cases. For example, weighing is taught with kilograms but much of the media uses pounds and ounces.
  • Most countries in the world, including important trading partners in Asia, the Commonwealth and Europe, are metric. Most of Britain’s trade is with metric countries. Our muddle undermines our competitiveness.

Going back to imperial is not an option and our current situation is an unacceptable mess. Can I ask you to support the full adoption of the metric system in Britain as soon as possible. Commonwealth countries such as Australia managed to convert from imperial to metric within 10 years and have reaped significant benefits. Britain has been converting for well over 50 years and is nowhere near finished; we have had the costs but not the benefits. It is time to sort out this mess with a decisive conversion programme by the Government!

Yours sincerely

Replace the text with the appropriate details regarding you and your MP. Remember to use the same text colour (get rid of coloured highlights and brackets) and to use your favourite font.

If you have the time, modify the letter to express the points in your own words; it is always better to give examples from your own experiences and locality.

Stage 3:

Print the letter and put in an envelope addressed to:

House of Commons

Stage 4:

Post it and you are done!

On behalf of UKMA, thank you for your help.

Downloading the letters

Each letter can be downloaded in either Rich Text Format (rtf) which is a standard format that is readable by all modern word processing programs or in plain text.

The following instructions apply to Internet Explorer but will probably work with other browsers in a similar manner.

Click on the link to the required letter (from the above list or the left hand side menu). This will open a window with the selected letter on its own.

Above the horizontal line near the top are two links on the right hand side. Move the mouse cursor to the one for the required format and click the right mouse button. A pop-up menu will appear. Select the “Save target as…” option.

You will then be presented with a “save file” window, allowing you to store it where you like on your system with the given name or one of your choice.

Please also note the following:

  1. If you left-click the link instead of right-click as described above then subsequent behaviour will depend on your individual computer set-up and what office type applications you have installed. Typically it will open another browser window with the document as content (without the section above the horizontal line).
  2. If you wish to work from a printed copy then the window containing the sample letter will print out as it is from the browser. It has been formatted to ensure it will fit onto an A4 sized page without clipping.

Sample letter files

Files are in both Rich Text Format (rtf) and plain text (txt).

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