Donate to UKMA

From the abolition of the Metrication Board in 1980 to the formation of UKMA there was no organisation advocating the pro-metric view in Britain. As a result prejudices and misunderstandings have become deepset and there is much hostility to the metric system from some politicians and parts of the news media. Furthermore “imperialist” groups are well-funded.

In order to correct misunderstandings and convince Britain of the benefits of completing its metric conversion UKMA needs funds. All our activities incur costs, for example communications, travel, printing and web hosting. If you would like to donate to UKMA, please write a cheque payable to “UK Metric Association” and send it to:

UK Metric Association
34 Wroxham Gardens
N11 2BA

If you would like a receipt for your donation please remember to include your contact details.

You can also help by joining the association.