Write to your MP

You can write to your MP to express your concern about Britain’s measurement unit mess or about specific issues such as consumer protection, education, health, jobs and motoring. You influence politicians through your voting power. Express your views on metrication and at the very least he or she will realise that they have pro-metric constituents. [NB – you should only write to your own MP – i.e the MP for the constituency where you live. If you write to another MP, your letter will normally be forwarded to your own MP].

Some MPs can be reached by e-mail (usually their e-mail addresses follow the format lastnamefirstinitial@parliament.uk), alternatively the postal address of the House of Commons is

House of Commons

If you are not sure of the name of your MP refer to the directory of MPs on the UK parliament web site.

If you know that a vote is coming up in Parliament on an issue affecting metrication, write to your MP to asking him/her to vote the way you would like.

MPs are particularly sensitive to their constituents in the run up to an election. In that timeframe it can always be worth canvassing several candidates.

5 minutes on clock face

If you only have say just 5 minutes to sort out a letter, feel free to use some of UKMA’s sample letters. Just fill out the missing information, print and send.

However, if you can spare a bit more time, obviously it is better if you add your own points or experiences by customising the examples or expressing the points in your own words.

Half hour on clock face

If you have, say 30 minutes, to write a letter expressing your own individual concerns, please take advantage of UKMA’s key issues page. This aims to help you by providing useful facts and figures in one place.