Body weight

How to check your weight in kilograms?

It’s very simple to weigh yourself in kilograms, whether you have mechanical or electronic scales.

If you are being weighed by a health professional, you are already being weighed in kilograms, but they often convert it to stones and give it back to you in stones and pounds, which leaves room for error in conversion. If this happens, ask for your weight in kilograms!

Mechanical scales

Almost any mechanical scales sold in the UK or Ireland in the last 30 years will include both stones and kilograms.

If your scales include kilograms, simply read from the kg scale – that’s all you need to do!

Mechanical bathroom scales

If your scales don’t include kilograms, they are in all likelihood at least 50 years old – why not treat yourself to a new set of scales?

New scales can be bought for as little as £5 in high street shops.

Electronic scales

Any electronic scales can weigh in kilograms.

If your scales are set in stones/pounds, look for a small switch usually found around the base of the scales at the back, near the digital display.

Simply move the switch to the position labelled ‘kg’ and away you go!