Policy areas

UKMA policies contain recommendations for the process of changing or consolidating the use of metric in specific application areas. They each deal with the current situation and envisage how we can achieve a uniform system of measurement in Britain.

Some proposals recommend changes in law by refining or extending existing laws. In some cases change can be brought about by the use of regulation that affect contractual obligations and the rights of parties in the private sector, or information exchange requirements when dealing with public authorities. In other cases we recommend good practices such as style guides.

It is not the intention of the UK metric association to recommend penalties in respect of criminal offences where they arise, or sanctions in respect of non-compliance with regulations. We do however insist that they are properly enforced and that those charged with that responsibility, as well as those subject to it, be properly informed about the existence and purpose of such laws or regulations.

In all cases UKMA is satisfied that they are perfectly consistent with a humane, civilised democracy in the western world and respect the normal liberty of individuals in a private context.