Getting a fair deal

UKMA offers you a number of straightforward tips to help you get a fair deal with food purchases.

Know your metric unit prices

The best way for you to compare one supplier of food with another is to try to remember the metric unit prices as you shop. These should enable you to compare the products you see with similar ones. Some examples of unit prices are shown below.

Unit price example

The unit pricing is mostly per kilogram or per litre.

Price per litre

Ignore imperial prices (and avoid calculators!)

The converse is to ignore the misleading imperial prices. Do you want to get out a calculator to compare prices? If a retailer does not show a metric price, then ask for it.

Check your receipts

If your goods are being weighed, always check your receipts to see that the correct product has been recorded and that the unit price is what you expected.

Till receipt check


The products shown in the examples above were used to illustrate how consumers can use unit pricing to get a fair deal. UKMA does not endorse any products or retailers featured. UKMA does not guarantee that the prices shown are current or representative.