Press articles

The articles listed below, which were originally published elsewhere, are reproduced here with kind permission of the authors:

Made in Britain: Not made to measure
Ronnie Cohen: November 2011

Time to ditch the language of the past
Ian Pigott: Farmers Weekly Interactive, April 2011

An investigation of the implementation of the metric system in Britain 1851-1979
Frederik Hyttel: Undergraduate dissertation, Bath Spa University

TSI and metrication: “Let there be one measure…..”
Lord Howe: TS Today, January 2009

Yards metres gallons or litres
Geoffrey Howe: The Expert, spring 2005

Let’s not measure ourselves by the imperial past
Roddy Urquhart: Yorkshire Post, February 2005

Britain needs a single system of measurement
Robin Paice: BBC online, September 2004

British metrication – how can we escape from the mess?
Robin Paice: Science in Parliament, Autumn 2004

On the level: go metric for good measure
Jeff Howell: Sunday Telegraph, 4 April 2004

Change to kilometres on roads will be like ‘mini-euro’
Christine Newman: The Irish Times, 7 October 2004

Time to stand up to the metric martyrs
Malcolm Bruce MP: Press & Journal, 12 December 2002

Imperial madness
Ross Clark: The Spectator, 20 Febrary 2001

Imperialism is not a force to be reckoned with
John Diamond: Daily Express, 17 Febrary 2001

Measure for measure, a comedy of errors
Lord Howe: The Times, 10 February 2001

Don’t make a martyr out of this mismatch
Stewart Steven: The Mail on Sunday, 21 & 28 January 2001

Memo to Maggie
Tim Bentley: Sunday Times, 28 July 1985

Historical perspectives by the last Director of the UK Metrication Board
Jim Humble OBE

Metrication – let’s get on with it
Which? report: June 1978